Support Workers

Support Workers

Support Workers assist and encourage vulnerable adults and children with mental illnesses and complex care needs, to live their lives to the fullest,
with as much independence as possible. By helping individuals practically and emotionally, Support Workers have the ability to radically improve lives,
making this job an incredibly rewarding one.

What does it entail?

There is no ‘standard day at the office’ for Support Workers. Because of the varying care needs that clients have, each day offers something new. But some of the more routine tasks that you can expect to see as Support Worker include helping individuals maintain a good level of personal hygiene and assisting with household and administrative tasks such as cleaning, cooking, attending appointments and paying bills.

Is this for Me?

By nature, the role of a Support worker is incredibly personal. So your ability to communicate with others and build and maintain strong, trusting relationships, should be second-to-none. This also includes building good relationships with other care workers and your clients’ families. Since a main part of the role is ensuring the emotional wellbeing of your clients, you should always be friendly, attentive and understanding towards them, to ensure they are comfortable in your presence.

This line of work can cause Support Workers to feel physically, mentally and emotionally drained at the end of some days, which is why we only recommend people with a strong mentality take it on. But these challenges nonetheless also make the job highly rewarding, and we have procedures in place here at Rapid to help you deal with the emotional impacts that being a Support Worker can have.

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What do you need to work as a Support Worker with Rapid?

  1. 3 months UK paid previous support work experience within the last 5 years
  2. Enhanced Adult & Child Workforce DBS (either processed with or on the Update Service)
  3. A minimum of 2 satisfactory references

What are the Benefits of working with Rapid?

As a Rapid Support Worker, we will invest in you, and spend time fostering the type of supportive and trusting relationship that we believe everyone deserves from their agency. Not only that but we also offer our Support Workers a huge range of fantastic benefits as a reward for working with us. But if you’ve already heard enough, and you know our agency is the place for you, apply for a position online today, or call us for a chat:07449613665. We want to help you make a difference to the lives of people in need.

High level Details

Salary and Benefits

  • Salary up to £9.50 – £11per hour, paid weekly
  • Flexible shifts – work when you choose
  • Free training
  • 24-hours telephone support. 

Job Role

The job requires experienced Support Workers who take pride in the
work that they do and that are dedicated and professional and who
care about our clients as much as we do.

The successful candidate will be: Will have at least 6 month’s experience working as a Support Worker, within the last two years;  Be able to provide at least 2 care-related references, one of which must be your most recent or current employer and completed by a superior or someone who can comment on your ability. If you would like to apply, 

please call +440141 732 8643. Rapid is committed to being an equal opportunities employer and we shall not discriminate against any applicant.